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Where to find Halfway Home

Halfway Home: Thoughts from Midlife will be released on May 21, 2024. 


In Canada:


  1. From your local independent bookstore, either in person or online. You can find one near you using this search page, which is pre-loaded with the book’s information – just add your postal code and the search radius:


  1. From Indigo (Chapters) at this link:


  1. From Amazon Canada:


In the US:


  1. From, which is a collaborative platform for independent bookstores across the US. My book is listed here:


  1. From Amazon US:


A lot of people have asked me if there is a best option of where to buy. My understanding from the team at my publisher’s is that via independent book stores or through Indigo is best in Canada (helps gauge interest, support for locally owned businesses, etc.). Depending on where you live or accessibility, Amazon might be the best choice for you – that’s great, too!


If you aren’t planning to buy the book: that’s ok! No author assumes everyone they know can, or will want to, buy their book. There are so many ways to support an author. Here’s a few things that would be a great help:


  1. Request the book at your local library. Most libraries have a system, often on their website, for card holders to request new titles for purchase to add to the library’s collection. You will need the book title, author name, and the ISBN. The ISBN for my book is: 9781487012441  

  2. Suggest the book to your book club, or to other people you know who might enjoy reading it.

  3. Interact with the author’s posts on facebook or Instagram – “like” it or leave a comment, to help boost the traffic.

  4. If you follow any bookstagrammers, forward the book to them with a recommendation.

  5. This one’s a longshot but if you’re involved with the literary community – a volunteer for a literary festival, work at a library, etc – recommend the book/author as a participant for events. Most of us love doing readings, author visits, workshops and seminars!  

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